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Baby Power Forever Kids

baby power,forever kids,baby power forever kids,franchise,business

baby power,forever kids,baby power forever kids,franchise,business Baby Power Forever Kids essentially consists of two separate products that are offered to parents with young children. Baby Power is a developmental program aimed primarily at children between the age of 6 months and 3 years. This is the most important growth stage in a child’s life and the Baby Power and Forever Kids programs aim to encourage different aspects of growth and learning as well as to build confidence during these early years. Forever Kids is for the slightly older children aged 3 and above and looks to further improve on these early skills by offering numerous arts, crafts and educational programs. The ethos behind both of the programs is that children of these ages learn much better while they are having fun.

Baby Power Forever Kids was established in 1980 and franchised it’s first unit 1988; they currently have 8 franchised units and plan to open a further 10 over the coming 12 months. They will accept applications from and are registered in all states except California and with an initial investment of $25k they present an affordable opportunity for those wishing to purchase a franchise in the child development industry.

baby power,forever kids,baby power forever kids,franchise,business

If you do purchase a franchise through Baby power Forever Kids you are given assistance with site selection and lease negotiation and a full training schedule is offered. As well as initial training, optional seminars are held twice a year and the professionals that work for the company offer a large network of support to help you on an ongoing basis. You will receive help setting up your new business and you will get ongoing support when required.

Baby Power Forever Kids offers:

  • $25k initial investment giving a minimum net worth of $100k.
  • Company established in 1980.
  • Support given for site selection and lease negotiation.
  • Average number of employees required is 3.
  • 10 new franchised units projected in the next 12 months.

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